Fine Print
We try to avoid fine print and twisted legal terminology. The few items you will find here are direct and easy to understand.

Benefit Changes
All benefits are subject to revision or change. THE ULTIMATE FUN PROGRAM works with numerous outside vendors who may occasionally make changes to the services offered to members. Any benefit changes will be communicated to existing members as rapidly as possible. THE ULTIMATE FUN PROGRAM will continue to seek better and more effective benefits and services for the membership at the best possible prices. Any new benefits will be made available to all existing members.

Banking and credit cards
THE ULTIMATE FUN PROGRAM currently has contracted and uses Authorize.net to handle the sales and billing of membership services. That name may appear on your bank or credit card statement to pay for your program membership.

Cancelation Policy
Members may cancel membership at any time.  Cancellation requests must be via email. Please be aware that THE ULTIMATE FUN PROGRAM incurs non-recoverable expenses each time your credit card or bank account is debited or credited.  Part of  membership dues are provided to causes and organizations as they are received. Member dues will not be refunded

Privacy Policy
The Ultimate Fun Progam, LLC.  and any of their subsidiaries or sub-contractors will not release, sell, trade or give any information regarding our customers to any third party. The information that you provide will only be used to process your enrollment and in communicating with you in the future.

THE ULTIMATE FUN PROGRAM will, at times, send you updates, via e-mail and other means, regarding product changes, new benefits and services, as well as new products and special offers.

THE ULTIMATE FUN PROGRAM uses a true Secure Application system to assure the confidentiality of your personal information. For complete details, please visit the Authorize.net web site.